20. August 2017

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Zu dem Anfangsbuchstaben C wurden 108 Abkürzungen gefunden.

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C Country
C-SCANS Client-Systems Computer Access Networks
CACP Central Arbitration Control Point
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAM Common Access Method
CAM Computer Aided Machining
CAN Campus Area Network
CAP Communications Alternative Provider
CAS Column-Address Select
CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering
CATANET Concatanated Network
CATV Cable Television
CAV Constant Angular Velocity
CB Citizens Band
CB Component Broker
CBT Computer Based Training
CC Carbon Copy
CCB Command Control Block
CCITT Comite Consultatif International Telephonic et Telegraphique (International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Commitee)
CCS Common Channel Signaling
CCS Common Command Set
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CD Carrier Detect
CD Compact Detect
CD-DA Compact Disk - Digital Audio
CD-R Compact Disk - Recordable
CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CD-RW Compact Disk - Re-Writable
CDC Control Data Corporation
CDDI Copper Distributed Data Interface
CDFS CD-ROM File System
CDI Compact Disk Interactive
CDIA Certified Document Imaging Architect
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data
CE Consumer Electronics
CERFNET California Educational Research Network
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team
CF Carry Flag
CFP Computers, Freedom and Privacy
CGA Color Graphics Adapter
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CGM Computer Graphics MetaFile
CHAP Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHS Cylinders/Heads/Sectors
CICS Customer Interface Control System
CIDR Classles Inter-Domain Routing
CIM Common Information Model
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIS CompuServe Information Services
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing
CLE Customer Located Equipment
CLEC Competetive Local Exchange Carrier
CLV Constant Linear Velocity
CMI Cable Microcell Integrator
CMI/HIC Cable Microcell Integrator/Headend Interface Converter
CMIP Common Management Information Protocol
CMOS Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMP Communications Plenum Cable
CMR Communications Riser Cable
CMS Code Management System
CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key
CN Common Name
CNA Certified Network Administrator
CNC Computer Numeric Control
CNE Certified Network Engineer
CNS Certified Novell Salesperson
CO Central Office
COA Certificate Of Authenticity
COAST Cache On A Stick
Cobol Common Business Oriented Language
CODEC Coder/Decoder
CODEC Compression/Decompression
COMDEX Communications Development Exposition
COPS Concept Oriented Programming System
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
COS Class Of Service
COSMOS Computer System for Mainframe Operations
CoSysOp Co-Systems Operator
COW Character-Oriented Windows Interface
CP/M Control Program/Microcomputer
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CPS Characters Per Second
CPU Central Processing Unit
CR Carriage Return
CRC Cyclical Redundancy Checking
CRN Computer Reseller News
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CSD Corrective Service Diskettes
CSID Calling Station Identification
CSLIP Compressed Serial Line Internet Protocol
CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access - Collision Detection
CSNET Computer Sience Network
CSP CompuCom Speed Protocol
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CSU Channel Service Unit
CTI Computer-Telephony Integration
CTS Clear To Send Signal
CTTC Copper To The Curb
CTTH Copper To The Home
CTTY Console Teletype
CUI Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
CUT Control Unit Terminal
CVF Compressed Volume File
CW Continuous Wave
CWT Call Waiting
CYBORG Cybernetic Organism

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